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Why do we keep knowledge a secret?

During a few conversations, the current state of black people came to the forefront. We discussed a number of things, but being black in America kept rising to the top of the conversation. We mentioned some of the things that are keeping black people where they are. From our discussions, it seems that the main thing keeping black people in the rut that they are in is the lack of knowledge.

There are some that will say that knowledge is available to all. There are many of us that beg to differ. Some people have access to information that others do not. There is a great deal of information that is hidden from groups of people purposely. Keeping that information in limited supply assist in the oppression.

I recall seeing the posters in my third-grade teacher’s classroom that read “knowledge is power”. As a child, it didn’t sit with me the way that it does as an adult. We understand that there are systematic issues that cause blacks to be delayed in a number of areas. The strongest prison is that of the mind, so if black people are kept hidden from truth, they will remain inferior. At least that is the hope. Keeping knowledge from the oppressed keeps them oppressed.

It is proven that growth is difficult without knowledge. Once knowledge is attained, why do we keep what we find to ourselves? Why do we want to hold on to the information that we have gained?

I think it goes along with the prison of ignorance. I believe that if you teach someone who they are inferior to someone else, eventually they will give way to that statement. A person will deny something as long as they are confident that the opposite is true. Once black people are given information, most times we keep it to ourselves and expect others to go do what we did to get the knowledge. The idea behind this has very real detrimental effects on survival.

I have seen multiple situations where a black person would withhold information from another black person simply because the information was not “given” to them. People often feel like giving information is like giving away a magic formula for success. The crazy thing about that is we are all different! Even if I share information about how to become a great writer, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be a great writer too. Sharing the knowledge that I have learned does not mean that it will be applied in the same way. In the event that it was, it would still have a different result because the people are different. Nor does it mean that I will lose knowledge if I share it.

Differences are always mentioned when we need to separate ourselves from one another, but very seldom are they mentioned when it comes to ways to assist or benefit one another. The media is full of falsified stories that lead us to believe things one way when they are actually the complete opposite. We accept the perceived knowledge from the media but ignore the facts of each situation. We are often shown that the only way to come up is to get over on others. The strangest thing about that is many also believe in karma. Knowing that karma is the return of what you give to the universe it doesn’t make sense to operate that way.