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My day with SBA

Last week I attended a seminar sponsored by the SBA in conjunction with a job fair created by Congressman David Scott. When I signed up for the event, I did so in order to increase my knowledge regarding entrepreneurship. I attended webinars from SBA the week prior and that sparked my interest to go learn more in person. The webinars that I attended were about women-owned businesses and how to gain access to Government contracts. So, I knew that I would need to take my notebook and be prepared to take a lot of notes for the seminar.

The seminar was held on a Friday from 9 am until 2 pm at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, Georgia. There were two tracks of the seminar. Track 1 (Go From Unemployed to Self Employed) was for people who have been in business for 2 years or less. Track 2 (Take Your Business From Surviving to Thriving) was for businesses that have been up and running for more than 2 years.

I went to two of the 3 sessions in Track 2. Although I have only been in business for 1 year, I felt that I could gain more information from the more experienced groups than the beginner group. My decision was based on the offered sessions and I cannot say that if the Track 1 sessions were more beneficially appealing to me that I would not have stayed there the entire time. Nevertheless, this short day only gave brief insights. You could easily spend an entire day in each session as its own seminar.

Doing Business with the Federal Government Track II.

Tanzee Hall-Jones gave the presentation on this topic. She discussed the need for market research, the award process, negotiations, contracts, and execution. Basically, the Government has money already set aside to spend with small businesses. The 2015 Federal Government Spending information is available in the Federal Procurement Database System. Within that 23% of Government spending, 5% is allocated for Women-owned small businesses.

Tanzee shared with us that all businesses need to be registered with the Secretary of State, have a D-U-N-S number, register with SAM, DSBS, agencies (as necessary), FPDS, and Fed Biz Opps in order to have full access to Government contracts and information regarding them. She talked about getting certifications, self certifying, and how certifications help acquire contracts. SBA provides a great deal of FREE training on certifications. They do not give you the information and tell you to figure it out, they walk you through the process.

She also mentioned that you still have to market your business. You will need to research the agencies that would need you. After that, you need to identify their procedures, develop your marketing strategy and go from there. Know who needs you and who you need.

Start Up Basics Track I.

Nakia Melecio was the presenter here. He works directly with S.C.O.R.E.. He gave a slew of information and knowledge. He suggests that we join a trade association. He broke down the difference between a business plan and a business model. The business plan was described as the “how” and the business model as the “branding”. He encourages us to set money aside for growth and prepare to go global. He discussed the need for self-care for entrepreneurs. He made mention to building a network of people who will hold you accountable for the things that you don’t want to do.

He briefly touched on non-profit organizations and the best way to start one. Here is a clip of his advice for non-profits.

He had more information than time. There was so much that he touched on quickly and had to move on from before we could really dig deep into it.

Opportunities in Film and Entertainment Panel Track II

This was the session that I was most excited about honestly. I am very interested in learning more about writing scripts, screenplays, and so on. I have written a few songs but I want to expand and learn how I can really break into Entertainment industry as a writer.

Juddifier Pearson moderated. The panel consisted of Craig Dominey, Nelson Burke, Jim Tripp-Haith, and Winsome Sinclair. One of the main reasons that Georgia is the third location choice in the industry is because of the tax credit that production companies receive to shoot here. There are opportunities for dry cleaners, caters, lumber yards, hotels, animal breeders, car rental locations/dealerships, photographers, casting directors, actors, and so on and so on. The panel said it more than a few times, it is a network. You have to be in to get in and you have to get in to be in.

Some tips and gems that were dropped were to become very familiar with the literature. Production weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Reel Crew, Georgia Film and TV Source Book, OZonline.tv are just a few. They encourage you to learn where shoots are happening and how to get your foot in the door. Be sure to have professional headshots and professional websites. Learn who the production coordinator is and how they can help you. Learn the various roles behind the scenes that directly connect to what you are trying to do and find out who they are. Reach out to the or arrange an impromptu, “run in”.

The revenue from films and entertainment in Georgia topped 7 billion dollars and the fiscal year has not ended yet. Your business has to be in a position to rake in some of this dough. The budgets for some of these movies is well over half a million dollars for a “small” film and over one million for “large” films. In order for the major production companies to receive the credit they have to utilize Georgia residents and businesses. What do you offer that can be added to the vendor list of the next big production?

Live In Purpose

I can not begin to explain how good it feels to be back! I took 2 months off from posting due to a few personal issues. That was one of the hardest things for me to do. Writing is not only my gift, it is my passion! Two weeks ago I started back posting to my blog and it is so amazing. Over the last few weeks I have been shown a lot! I have seen my business grow and I have seen growth in my circle. I am no longer discouraged by the slow progress. I am actually excited to be present in the growth.

It has taken time to get to this place that I am currently at and to see things thee way that I do. For so long I was feeling as if I was pursuing writing at the wrong time. I felt that I was taking a leap into something that I know I can be successful in, but had no idea how to achieve that success. My plan was not working out the way that I envisioned and I was drowning in my purpose. The small break that I was forced to take revealed so much. I have learned a lot of lessons to say the least.

One of the main lessons that I learned was that I was given a gift for a reason. I had to realize that my gift was not given to me so that I could second guess it. I was given a gift to ignite change. The more that I ran from my gift the more I was drawn into it. When doubt tried to creep in, confirmation showed up and scared doubt away.

The break that I took showed me that I am needed. My gift is not only for me but for others as well. I speak words that escape the lips of others. I think thoughts that never enter the mind of others. I write pages that others only read about. I am different from most people and I am thankful for that. My perspective changed and I am able to see things with clear eyes.

My confidence has been boosted and my responsibility has increased. I am no longer going to allow myself to second guess the gift that I was given. No longer am I going to allow others to validate my worth in this field. I have made the decision to live in purpose and on purpose. I have seen the presence that my gift contains. When I give in to my gift, my gift gives to me. My gift has changed my life and I am certain that as I continue to learn and grow, my gift will change the lives of others.

Practice What You Teach

Time and time again I find myself lost. Not lost like I don’t know where I am going, but lost as to how to get there. I know what my purpose is and I know what I am called to do. I am here to make a difference and to change the world. The world that I change may not be the natural world but if I can change how a person treats others I have accomplished my goal. If I can change the idea of a person from negative to positive then I have made a difference. I want to leave more than a memory when I am done serving my purpose here. I want to leave a legacy.

I think about the people that I allow into my life. The people that I allow in my space. The people that I allow in my mind. I think about the people that I allow to come in and disrupt. I also think about the people that come in and make a major impact. I think about the love that I have given and the pain that I have caused. I think about the relationship between truth and desire. I remember the feelings that were felt and how those feelings have shaped my current life. I am not heavily concerned with the opinion of others, except when those opinions are coming from those that have my best interest in mind.

Then I think about all of the people that said, “if you need anything, just let me know”. I think about how good it felt to have someone say that and feel as though they are genuine. I recall what it feels like to go to those people when I was in need, just to have them talk about me or tell me everything that I could have or should have done differently. People are so quick to judge a person’s situation until tragedy strikes. Then people are quick to say that they are always there to help. The quick mouth often comes with a slow hand. What is understood need not be explained.

When I get lost, I am not confused about where I am going, but I have to often adjust my plan and my actions of how to get there. I have to allow the right people in and protect myself from others. I have to be more responsible with who I invite into my journey. Everyone is not around so that they can help me rise. I understand that there will be some that come around just to impede my progress. Decisions that were made before cannot be made again, unless the same result is sought after. I plan to live a life of sanity. I do not intend on doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. I plan to make a difference. I plant o be the change. I plan to continue regardless of the obstacles.

I am planning to make this lesson one that I do not have to learn again, but one that I can teach.

The Book About Life: Class is in Session

The Book About Life: Class is in session forces us to look within for answers to some of life’s most complex situations. We all find ourselves at various crossroads that require us to make a decision. With every decision we have to be prepared to accept the consequences.

The author points out five techniques that are used to keep people consumed with their problems.
She also discusses ways to combat those techniques in order to improve unity, reduce self-destruction, and promote positivity. This book reminds us that life is full of lessons and at some point we have to learn from our experiences.

Purchase your copy today!

My Eyes For You

Your mirror doesn’t show you the you that I see. The mirror only reflects what is put in front of it. The mirror cannot expose to you, the exquisite man who I know you to be. Take my hand and follow me. Allow my words to be the eyes that you need to see. Don’t get lost in my mystery, but step into me. Look through my looking-glass and behold the amazing man who was gifted to me.

The physical attributes are evident and visible to all, but the inner being is the creature that I adore. At first glance you don’t recognize a heart that size. It’s rare, precious and one of a kind. At times unsure, but always full of love. A heart reaches that size because it grows each time it survives.

Keep looking deep and you’ll find why I stare. Your eyes shield your soul but I feel I am welcomed there. I don’t pose a threat or seek to destroy. Your eyes allow me to sit with your soul. An open book with so much knowledge to give but mistreated by false love when true motives are revealed.

The voice of actions speaks loudly. Look at the way that you treat me. I am cherished, respected, and honored as a Queen. My queendom is full of you. You are my King. My court jester. My hunter. My protector. My knight in rusting armor. The character of your armor explains the depths of your love. The shine has faded because you have been fighting for so long.

I see your desire to rest and enjoy the blissful peace that resides inside of joy but the fatigue adds more rust to your armor. I see you striving to be all that you were created to be in spite of the dragons you have had to slay. I notice the pressure of the world that attempts to weigh you down. I understand that the strongest soldiers have overcome extreme battles.

I notice that you pay attention and seek to have truth. You speak from your place of pain and happiness the same. You share willingly and without regret. You invite me into your sacred place and allow me to dwell with you. You give me the chance to see you in natural light with no masks or distractions. You hide your heart inside of that armor but you don’t lock me out. You invite me in.

From in here, behind my eyes, it is easy to see why I love you. Whenever you doubt it or need to get clarity, just look into my eyes and see our truth; see our souls enjoying their time in serenity.