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Proud Moments

The moment that a woman learns that she is about to become a mother she also learns that her life will never be the same. I am certain that whether a woman gives birth or not, that moment of finding out that new life is brewing is a life changing moment.

In 2004, 2005, and 2006 I had multiple life changing moments. 2004 I learned that I would become a mother. I was scared and happy all at the same time. Learning that my child would have special needs was another moment that changed my life. Shortly after giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl with Down syndrome, we learned that we were going to be parents again.

The joy did not last long. Our tears turned to sobs when we were told that I miscarried. It was natural and very common. Yet and still, we were devastated. We wanted to have another baby. We wanted to increase our family. Instead of living in the pain, we started to plan to get pregnant. First time around, it worked! I found out that we would welcome another combination of us into the world.

2006 I was introduced to a spitting image of myself in the form of my son. I was so happy! The moments that we shared as a family were so precious in the beginning. The genuine love and connection made having these two little people who represented us all the more enjoyable. Then things changed. The relationship wasn’t the same.

In the midst of the turmoil, we learned that another person would join our party. We were pregnant again. This time, I was not happy about it. I was depressed. I did not want to bring a child into such a negative situation. I hated myself for a little for allowing this to happen. I wanted out.

That changed the moment that the ultrasound tech told me to look at the screen and see my baby girl. This was the first time that I saw her and she looked like a person, like a part of me. I fell in love. She would be the finale to our baby show.

Each moment, day, week, month, year has produced challenges. From having to answer tough questions to having to show tough love. We have managed to make it. These moments have shaped my life. My children are my biggest fans and my greatest supporters. When the time came for us to transition to life as a single mom and kids, they grabbed bags and were ready for direction.

My goal as a parent is to make the life that they know as smooth as possible. My intention is not to shelter them from truth but to expose it to them. When I related my first book, they screamed and shouted with joy and pride. When I began writing my children’s book, they read and read and reread the book and gave me feedback. When I decided to write full-time, they reassured me that I can do it. They believe in me more than they believe in themselves.

I want my children to believe that they are just as awesome as they think that I am. I want to show them that love is real despite how many times love has hurt you. I want to show them that when it comes to them, I will do whatever needs to be done to encourage and support them.

We participate in Buddy Walks which raise awareness about Down syndrome. We volunteer at various locations with a variety of organizations to help the community. We support one another; in life, and in sports. We have reached a point in our family story that is truly amazing. My son has made me the mom of a Junior Olympic contender.

This is a proud moment that I didn’t see coming but I am elated to be in the midst of it.

We need assistance to continue to support Aidan and help him get to Junior Olympics. I am happy to see that this proud moment is shared by both my girls and my son. The girls are so proud of their brother and he is so happy that he made it.