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Plan for Success

When I started this blogging process it was simply to share my thoughts. I did not have a plan for where I wanted my words to go. I knew that they had a purpose but I did not know what the purpose was.

Many people have relationships that operate the same way. Many of us go into relationships with no expectations. We think that we should accept what comes our way. We allow people to do things that we would tell someone else to run away from.

Some of us even go as so far as to neglect ourselves. We focus so heavily on what everyone else needs or wants and we dismiss ourselves. It is very easy to give away everything you have, but it is very hard to get it all back. We say that we know what we want from others but we are clueless as to what we need from self.

As I continued on this journey of becoming a writer, I learned a lot. One very practical lesson is walking aimlessly will lead you everywhere you didn’t want to go. In other words, there needs to be a plan. In business, in relationships, and in life — there needs to be a plan.

Yes, plans change. However, it is much easier to make an adjustment rather than build from the beginning. Life changes cause situations to change. Those changes can affect what we planned for our life. It is up to us to make those adjustments if we want results.

Everything we do requires a decision. We have to be ready to deal with the consequences or rewards associated. We have to take responsibility for what we choose to do. We have a choice to follow the process or to go against the grain. Each has its benefits. We find our purpose when we keep moving. Our results are often increased when we know how to plan for continued success.