The actions we speak

A picture is worth a thousand words….
I can show you better than I can tell you….
Practice what you preach….

All of these phrases suggest that our actions speak. What we do outweighs what we say. How we act means more than how we talk. We are viewed, heard, and observed. People watch us. They look at us. They see us. Then we speak. They listen. They share as do we. Our words become acquainted. Then we act. We move. We push. We pull. We go. Then…………We are evaluated.

Just because we are being watched by people doesn’t mean that we should seek to please them. As we live, we have to know that we are being watched. We have to carry ourselves in a manner that resembles the person that we see when we look at who we are. We have to listen to the things that we say. We have to understand that our actions reveal who we are. We can talk as long as we can breathe. The words will fall and the ears will refuse them. The actions must rise so that the eyes can relay the message.

What do you think?