The Book About Life: Class is in Session

I am so excited about the release of my second book. The official release date is October 3, 2016. This Friday, September 15, 2016, everyone will be able to pre-order their copy directly from the website!

This book is full of stuff to talk about. I am overwhelmed with the feedback about the book thus far. I posted a snippet of the book a little while back. In case you read that and want more (or didn’t read that one and want something), here is another peek into The Book About Life.

More times than not we are finding, better yet, creating ways to separate from one another. We use division to our advantage when it is advantageous to the given situation. When there is no direct benefit, then there is no need for further discussion. For certain groups of people, advantages are the norm. The upper class look down on the lower class, the educated look down on the ignorant, the privileged look down on the oppressed. So many people are looking for a pedestal to stand on and be viewed on high.
The agglomeration of people who strive to one up the Jones’ reveals the true depth of our society. People who seek to be better than the next person instead of enjoying their personal journey. People who seek to belittle others instead of checking on themselves. People who seek to adjust smiles and make them sighs of sorrow. Some people just feel as if they cannot live life without making valiant attempts to disrupt life for someone else. As if they are sent on a secret mission to be the best jerk they can be and cause a whirlwind of confusion in the process.
It is sad to think there are individuals that share the earth with us who are interested in having mental control over other people. That’s what confusion is in a way; mental control. The reactions to their actions are what provide satisfaction for them. Their goal is to make others miserable so that they can be happier. They are skilled at manipulating others in order to get what they want. They can be extremely docile in the face of their prey and go in for the kill as soon as they have set the bait. They are equipped with charm and charisma to hide some of the dishonest intent. Some refer to these type of people as ‘back-stabbers’, ‘trouble-makers’, ‘drama king/queen’ or something a bit more profane depending on how you feel.
People who have adopted this way of life are an additional layer of the issue. Control and confusion is the ultimate goal for them. This type of thinking is extremely problematic because we are all people and not property or prey. We belong to ourselves and we should not be subjected to the games that others want to play because they have not dealt with their personal issues. We will continue to hurt if we continue to inflict pain on one another. Denying the fact that we cause intense amounts of pain and suffering to one another will not reduce the effects of the trauma. We can not be successful in our journey if we are focused on disrupting success is someone else’s life. Problem-starters, trouble-makers, haters, dramatics, or whatever label is matched to the behavior of these people, seek to increase confusion and reduce the advancements of others at any cost.

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