The Book About Life: Class is in Session

Today I wanted to do something a little different. With the pending release of my second book, I decided to share a little with you. Here is a snippet of my upcoming book, “The Book About Life:Class is in Session”. Feel free to visit the website and subscribe to the mailing list! Without further delay: Here is the snippet from my upcoming book!

Life is something that we are constantly attempting to figure out. It is the puzzle that we constantly attempt to put together although the puzzle is full of missing pieces. We look for guidance, assistance, and advice on what to do for various situations. We turn to friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes anyone that will listen. We tune in to what they have to say about our situation as if they know it better than we do. We hold on to notable quotes and cliche’ statements as if they contain the air we need to breathe. We ask questions in search of answers that will lead us to the secrets of a “successful” life.
In addition to success being just as measurable as beauty, we have reached the age where we are seeking instant gratification from things that have taken time to arrive. Instant gratification does not provide the clarity or the solution that is actually being sought. Instead it acts as a temporary place holder which is often full of more confusion than clarity. Furthermore, the confusion associated with instant gratification seems to have the sense of entitlement at an all time high.
The search for instant gratification also leads to the option of temporary solutions. There is often a “quick fix” that can mend any given problem. Quick fixes are not necessarily timely solutions and instant gratification is not always equivalent to immediate satisfaction. The fact of the matter is that moving too fast can interfere with moving forward. Deciding to settle for a temporary patch instead of working towards an actual solution increases vulnerability and opportunities to make mistakes.

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2 thoughts on “The Book About Life: Class is in Session”

  1. Great post.
    In my opinion
    There is a time for everything.
    Plus the fact of the matter is
    what’s for you is just for you.
    No matter the situation.

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