The Gift and The Prize

When I think about a gift, I think about a lot. I think about getting something that represents who that person is. I think about giving something that the person can be pleased with. Something that he person will cherish. I want a gift to be something that will reflect the person’s interest and passions. I view gifts as an unexpected surprise. They are tokens of love and appreciation.

People receive gifts for various reasons. The most common reasons are celebrations. Everything from birthdays to promotions. A gift is often given any time there is a gathering for a happy or joyous occasion. There are even times when people are given gifts in an effort to repair a situation. People are given gifts to change their mood. There are also times when gifts are given to completely change someone’s circumstances. Gifts are not typically something that has to be earned. Gifts are often given when one person’s heart is compelled to give to another person.

Prizes, on the other hand, are a little different. Typically a prize is something that you have to work for. There is usually a competition prior to the reward. Prizes are not usually given to those that have not proven themselves worthy. A prize is so different from a gift but also something that is appreciated just as much. People work hard to achieve success that results in acknowledgment. Accolades are more sought after than anything. People tend to measure success in accomplishments.

Status is often linked to what has been earned and received. Prizes are reserved gifts for people who fight for them. They are not given to those that do not complete the task. Prizes are not handed out like candy to anyone that wants one. Recognition is something that does more than stroke an ego. It builds confidence. When a person is rewarded for doing well, they typically continue to do well. Prizes are forms of encouragement for all that seek them.

It was time for a celebration in my life and I was given you.
You are my gift.
You’ve lasted through the tests and made it to the finish line in first place.
I am your prize.

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