The Juggle and Struggle

More and more I am reminded of the fact that life is not fair. I’m also reminded that there are two sides of fair. I know that probably sounds kind of weird, but it is true. There is the side of fair that we fall on when we are thankful, happy, and things are going well. When we are on this side of fair we tend to be oblivious to the other side. Nevertheless, the other side of fair does exist. It is the side that forces us to constantly state how ‘unfair’ it is. It is the side that causes us to readjust and react. This side of fair is where most of us feel like we live.

Many of us feel like this is ‘our’ side simply due to the stressors and demands of life. Financial responsibilities can overwhelm and discourage us. Once that happens, we lose our gumption to chase after what we want. The parental duties never cease. Children constantly need their parents. As a parent, it is only natural to what to be there for your child. Despite how much a parent wants to help, when they are strapped themselves they cannot help someone else. The check to check hustle and bustle breaks so many hearts, spirits, and families. There always feels like a struggle to continue.

Through countless conversations, I learned that if we focus on the things that we don’t have we cannot realize what we do have. We lose sight of the important things. We become consumed with the foolishness. We allow the facts to be turned into half-truths. We allow the half-truths to be our guide. When we do so, we end up staying on the unfair side of the fence. We attempt to juggle the struggle the best way that we can so that we can come back from the downfall.

We begin to search every avenue to find the fastest answer. Most of us are quick to click any video or post that starts with someone telling us how they became successful. We click thinking that these people know something that we do not know. They have access to a lot of the same information that we do, so why do we click their “How I Came Up” link? We do it for hope. Each time we click, we are clicking with the desire that this will be the last time that we feel like this. We hope that this feeling of ‘what do I do’ will leave as soon as the page loads. We search these links for the answers that we already have within.

One thing that is really interesting is that many of us do not see. We are blind to the fact that if our hands are full, we cannot receive. If we are juggling how can we climb to the other side of the fence? Many of us do not see how much we control our situations. We hear statements like; “you get what you pay for” and “you get out what you put in” all the time. A lot of times when we hear these statements we are thinking about the particular scenario in which it was used.

Ponder this: If you get what you pay for, and you invest in yourself, do you get a better you?
If you get out what you put in, and you pour into your dreams, do those dreams become reality?

Life is not always fair or unfair to anyone. Everyone has moments when they would rather be someone else just so they can avoid their personal problems. We have moments when we would rather juggle which leisure activity to enjoy rather than which bill to pay. Everyday people go to a job that they are thankful to have but despise walking in to. People are sitting at their work station miserable; pondering how they are going to pay for whatever is next up on the ‘due’ list. There are also people who are using those jobs as a way to gain as much as possible before venturing out towards the other side of the ‘fair’ fence.

The fact of the matter is this; if we want to see change we have to make change. There has not been a goal met without hard work and sacrifice. The juggle and struggle do get real, but the rewards and accolades are too. The work pays. We just have to want to work for ourselves. We have to have the desire to want more than we have. Our dreams and aspirations should not only be thoughts and visions. Most of the obstacles that come along the way have a lesson. Whether we simply learn not to do something a second time or if we gain valuable information, we have learned something. However, we have to use the knowledge that we gain in order for things to change. I really wish the creators of G.I.Joe would have told us as kids about what the other half of the battle is.

2 thoughts on “The Juggle and Struggle”

  1. awesome blog!!!
    So true
    With any issue or problem their is a solution.
    Just make it to tomorrow
    cause there is a brighter day!!!

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