The Love Haters

Telling people about our happiness can be a bit tricky at times. When we get excited about life events, we naturally want to share the good news with people who we are close to. We want everyone to know about our happiness so we tell everyone that will listen. Our feelings change and we become enveloped in elation to the point that we are near implosion. We get excited about love, birth, careers, and so many other things that influence the course of our life. Typically when people are happy, they want to tell the world about what has increased their joy; especially when they find love. More times than not, everyone with ears is fair game.

What happens when we share those feelings with someone and they only have negative things to say? That’s not cool, but it happens all the time. Then we begin to think, “why is my good news making them challenge my happiness?” At this point, a choice has to be made. Do you decide to continue to tell them things about you? Even though you know you will be speaking to the devil’s advocate, do you filter or limit what information is shared with them? Do you correct their reaction? What do you do? How are we supposed to deal with that?

Many of us do not deal with it and simply separate from people who do things like this. We do not open ourselves up to people who will not provide constructive support. In other words, there are some that keep happiness to ourselves to preserve it. They chose not to tell others about how wonderful things are in their life, for fear that they will be met with some type of response that will seek to wipe away the smile. On the other hand, many of us are inclined to please other people and make it easy for others to make us second guess our decisions. The fact of the matter is that no one has control over our emotions. We do not know who we will fall in love with or who will break our heart at first glance. We can learn from the lessons that are evident when interacting with people. A major lesson to learn is one of respect.

We have to respect the decisions that are made regardless if we agree or disagree with the choice. We cannot get upset and become devoted to changing the future of another person when their decisions are not our responsibility. Simply put, everyone does not have the same love story. Everyone does not share their joy the same way. Everyone does not want to hear the condescending tones and responses to them being happy. Some people who have been together for years, have been inseparable since the inception of their relationship. At the same time, there are some people who have been miserable and together for years. When love is the celebration, why include people who just want to end the party? Enjoy the ride that love takes you on and dismiss all of the unnecessary bumps along the way.

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