The love we were created with

We were created in the image of our creator. He loves us so that he gave us him. We were created with love. We were created from love. We were given an extensive amount of love, trust, and creativity. We were made to bring glory to our creator. When we draw a picture, we expect to be praised for our good works. When we sing a song, we look for applause after we hit all the right notes. When we deliver a poem, we encourage snaps to show support of what we have done. We seek glory and praise for what we do. God is the same way. He has blessed us with so much greatness that He deserves the praise, the honor, and the glory. If He did not love us the way that He does, we would not be able to do what He has put in us to do. His love is everlasting and pure. That is what he used to create us in His image. Pure love.

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