The Pleasures of Discomfort

There are times in life that we are placed in situations that make us extremely uncomfortable. In those uncomfortable situations we have to learn how to keep moving. Sometimes discomfort makes us shutdown. It makes us think things like “why me” How did I get here” “why is this my life” “how can I ever get ahead” and so on and so on. We think about the negative things that are associated with discomfort. We often fail to realize how important discomfort is to our success.

Our bodies tell us when to move even when we don’t want to listen. Sometimes we just go and go and go without ever taking the time to rest. Eventually our bodies force us to rest. The discomfort that we put on our bodies is what our bodies give back to us. We know when we are hurt or becoming ill based on the signs that our body sends to us. How is life different?

Our situations tell us that we are hurt, beat up, and becoming ill. We live in these circumstances as if this is the only option. If you have a stomach ache, will you wait for the pain to pass or will you seek relief? If you choose to ignore the pain you will be forced to continue to feel it. The same is true in life.

The discomfort that you feel is pushing you towards your greater. It is forcing you out of the situation that you are allowing yourself to be in. Discomfort is necessary when you seek to truly be at peace and live in truth. You don’t always hear the things that you want to hear, You actually hear more of what hurts and what you would rather ignore. The test of your strength is how you use that information. Do you allow it to fuel your fire of despair or do you let it work as a blanket to smother the flames?

The happiness that we so diligently seek is inside of us speaking to us and guiding us, all we have to do is listen and live.

What do you think?