The Process of Change

Changes occur constantly throughout our lives. We grow, we develop, we adjust, we accommodate, and we assimilate. We experience things that cause us to question where we are and where we are headed. Change does not simply happen over night nor does it happen when we want it to. There are changes that occur beyond our control, such as growth and development. There are also changes that occur due to our decisions.

Every choice that we make has a consequence. Not all choices will render a negative consequence or a reward on the opposite end of the spectrum. What is given is that change is natural and inevitable. We have to remember that we are in control of a large portion of the things that happen to us. When we are faced with a decision, we typically choose what we feel is best at the time.

We act, react, and interact in ways that are usually pleasing to us. When we are ready to change what we do, we have to first realize that we are doing something that does not agree with how we view ourselves and the situation. Change is a process. There are steps to follow, there are moves to make. Before change can be initiated, we must admit that change has to occur.

When we commit to making a change we have to trust the process and follow it through in order to see the change that we desire. If we want change and we do not want to work for the change, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Everything worth having is worth working for. We have to fight for what we want, what we love, and what we need. We have to learn from what we go through in order to change where we are going.

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