The reality of living your dreams

When I decided that I was going to pursue my writing full-time it was the scariest thing in the world. It is the scariest thing in the world. I am a single parent with serious responsibilities and obligations. I do not have a rich family that is pouring money into me. I am not gracing the pages of magazines or rubbing elbows with the elite.

I am, however, extremely good at what I do. I have a gift. I feel that this gift is what I will have to use to illicit change in the world. Walking away from the idea to work for someone else’s dream has my mind focused on my dream.

At this point, all I have is my dream. I have a dream that I will make a major impact on this world using my words. I dream of changing the negative way people think and promote positivity. I am focused on making sure that my children do not have to be scared to live their dreams. I want to ensure that my children can continue on with my legacy and benefit from my accomplishments. I want to leave more than just a mark on the world.

While I wait for all of this to happen, I still have to survive. I still have to be a mother. I still have to do typical adult things. I. Still have to live.

I do not resist the urge to be successful. I run towards that challenge. I tremble at the thought of living my own ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ situation. I cringe to think that we may have to make major life adjustments. I am scared to fail, not just myself but also my children.

Living my dream and giving in to my gift is not easy. It is terrifying. I do not know how things will change over the course of the next few months but I feel like my reality is to achieve my dream.

What do you think?