The ‘talk’ begins

A few days ago my son asked me, “Mom, where do babies come from?” In that second I was instantly warped to the moment that most parents dread. I was also hoping that my answer would be sufficient. I told him that they come from their mother. I have no idea why I thought that would be enough but I tried it. He did not let go that easy and asked for more insight.

I told him that I would be more than happy to let him read about it and answer any questions that he has and he reluctantly said. “ok, fine.” The next day came and he asked to read the literature that I have on where babies come from. I was not thinking that he would be ready to read it that fast and I was not prepared with the literature. So I told him that I would get it to him.

I went online after taking all the kids to school the following morning and researched the best ways to tell kids where babies come from. Most of the information was about the type of approaches that work best for various age groups. Some information discussed the time that is best to have ‘the talk’ with the child.

Since this is the year that I will have 3 pre-teens I think we will need to have a group discussion. I complied some information for them to read and for us to discuss. I went through my psychology books, websites, and videos to get as much detailed information as I could. I wanted them to be able to read and know that what I am telling them is more than just ‘mom talk’.

I am thinking that this approach will work well for us….we shall see…

What do you think?