The Unlost

I thought about my father the other day during a conversation that I was having about life, religion, and spirituality. The conversation caused me to think of him when I began to reflect on some of the most valuable lessons that I have learned in regard to the topics. One thing that my father taught me was to always make sure that I have a relationship with God.

I heard him and I knew what he was saying. I listened to him and I always held on to the God in me. This conversation made my fathers teachings real in another way. I realized that my father never instilled in me that I need to be in church. He never instilled in me that I need to be a member of a particular denomination. He mentioned those things because of his role in the church and what he believed.

More than anything he made sure that I knew how important it is to have a relationship with God. As I grew older I learned more about what that truly meant. I went to churches and fell in love with God and learning about Him and becoming closer to Him. I also went to churches and learned about the side of the church that is not so favorable.

I have experienced some things in my life that has only drawn me closer to God. Some of the things that I have experienced are things that some people would “lose their religion” over. I have been shown that my relationship with God is so strong that nothing can shake it. My absence from church does not mean that I am absent from God. The fact that I think about things differently doesn’t mean that I am lost.

God guides me daily through everything. I trust Him with my life. I know that He is the one that created me and blessed me with the gifts that I have. I know that I have been given a task to speak and I will do so. I will use my God-given gifts to reach who God allows me to reach. I am thankful that He has made me who I am.

My father saw something in me. I believe that. I also believe that he saw something in this world coming for me. He saw the task on my life. He saw my light. He saw the raw me. He knew that I needed to be ready. He wanted me to be ready. His way to prepare me was to ensure that I know God. He succeeded.

What do you think?