The way you see

People say that you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry. But do we check the levels in the well as the water dries up? Do we watch someone pull the water right from under us? Why do we miss it? Are we missing it simply because it was in our possession? Are we missing it because we lost it? Are we missing it because we cherished it and it meant something to us?

Days go by and I sit and think about how my life is and where I feel my life is and where I feel my life should be. The more I think about how full my well is instead of how dry it looks I see things differently. I am constantly reminded that He is greater than me. I am strong because He made me that way. He sees something in me that it took me forever to see. He guided me through the trenches. He led me through every rough spot. My load gets heavy and so does my eyes but I keep looking to the hills where my help lies.

My everything comes from Him. He supplies all my needs. He gives me my heart’s desires. To Him I will forever cleave. He holds me close when I push away. He lets me leave even though I should stay. He welcomes me back into His arms with no questions asked. He loves me unconditionally and His loyalty is unsurpassed, The best gift ever given is what He gives to me. The only thing better than sight is understanding what you see.

What do you think?