Visions Revealed

I remember sitting in my apartment, on the living room floor, feeling like I had to get this vision board completed. I had all the materials and I knew that I wanted to make one. I started it one day and then walked away from it. Once I began, it seemed like a lot to do. I was overwhelmed. Nonetheless, I had a feeling that was very strong, encouraging me to get this vision board done. The moment is so vivid.

I stayed up all night cutting and pasting everything into position. As soon as I finished, I was wrapped in the moment. It felt like I was being held by the arms of life. It was so warm that it startled me. I was so peaceful that I was nervous. That moment was more beautiful than I could have anticipated.

Nearly two and a half years later, I’m still embracing that feeling. When I look at it, I am so thankful and so amazed at where my life is now versus where it was when the board was made. I see so many things that are on the board that are now apart of my story and not just my vision. I notice all of the statements and words that kept me going when I wanted to quit. I look at the “3 year plan” that is on my board. Within 2 1/2 years I have accomplished majority of the things that I subconsciously planned to accomplish. When I selected the things to put on my board I thought about words more than pictures. I wasn’t surprised by that, I am a writer. What I am surprised by is how powerful these words have been.

I am living my dream!

“Some folks talk about having it all, Others just go for it”. I am doing a lot to “make it happen”. My unconventional life is one that many would not understand. I have learned that I have to let go of those who are not apart of my progress and hold on to those who are. “Surround yourself with love love love agape love”. I have accepted myself. “Loving me 4 me”,”I am different”, “Love the way you look” and more remind me that I have the “Power to keep going even when it’s tough”. I have made “healthy choices” on this journey. It feels amazing to have “A dream man” in my life to “love” me with “passion”. He gives me “security” and I appreciate him because before he saw anything else “he saw the real me”.

I am an author, sharing my dream, making my voice heard, and living life to the fullest! I have come a long way. These last 2 1/2 years have fostered a great deal of growth and disappointment. I am happy to be at the point in my life to acknowledge the past, enjoy the present, and appreciate what the future holds. I am taking “a running start” to happiness. I am “dedicated to live the best life possible” because “dreams are meant to be shared”. I am excited to see what will be accomplished by the end of year three.

2 thoughts on “Visions Revealed”

  1. Great
    To have vision is to believe in what you see in the future for oneself.
    To create the goals in your life
    What a awesome feeling to accomplish

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