Want A Love

I want a love so deep that it can’t be reached. I want a love so strong that it can’t be shattered. I want a love that last. I want a love that lingers.

I want a love.

True love. Real love.

I give that to me. I am ready to give it to him. I am ready for him to give it to me. I want a love so good that I long for it. I want a love so real that lies can’t infiltrate. I want a man who knows love. God’s love. True love. Forever love.

I want a love.

The love that I deserve. The love that belongs to me. The love created to love me. I am ready for my love. I am ready for my love to fill his heart. I am ready to feel his love embrace me.

I am ready.

Our love will be amazing! We will be great together. We have learned and will continue to grow together. I will love him forever. He will love me longer.

A real love. A true love. A natural love. A forever love.

I want my love. The love created for me.

What do you think?