What are you digging for?

I have heard that “when you dig for dirt , you find it”. After speaking to a close friend this statement had a whole new meaning. We were  discussing relationships briefly and it hit me. I made the statement that I have searched, looked, waited, and watched for the perfect mate.

I told him that at this point in my life I am waiting for what God has for me to find me. After pondering our conversation the quote came to mind…I was always digging. I dug for love, affection, support, and companionship. I found those things but not in the way that I wanted to.

It was all around me, just like dirt. Funny thing about dirt is that it is everywhere! In addition to that, I’m allergic to it! This made me think, just because there is an abundance of something doesn’t mean that it is what is for me. I continues to ponder and my mind drifted into the realm of mining for gold and diamonds.

God revealed to me that I am what should be sought after. I am what should be searched for. Miners search and dig for their treasures. They come  across some unfavorable stones at times. They also come across some rare, unexpected surprises. Sometimes they never find what they were looking for, but they do find what they never knew they wanted.

They have to go through a process. They have to get past the dirt to see the beauty. I could only see the dirt because that’s what I was digging for. They begin their journey looking for a treasure, something special, something that they could and would cherish. I was looking for fulfillment in whatever was willing to give it to me.

As I dug around in the dirt I noticed I was in a hole. God guided me out of that hole and replenished me. He refreshed me. He replaced my vision. Instead of focusing on what the dirt could provide, He reminded me that He has someone mining for me and I need to get ready.

I need to stop looking to the earth. I need to look to the heavens and focus my attention there. God has opened my eyes and allowed me to see things differently. I can be happily single and wait until He sends my miner for me.

What do you think?