What do you do?

Do you sit and watch things happen or do you make things happen?
Do you wait for things to change or do you create change?
Do you talk about what can be done or do you take action?
Do you complain or do you offer suggestions?
Do you cry or do you fight?
Do you give up or do you keep going?
Do you promote love or do you encourage hate?

There are so many opportunities in life for us to be positive and many of us take that time to focus on the negative. Instead of thinking about ways to unite, some would prefer to point out reasons why we are different. Granted, facts are facts and at times, facts are not friendly. At the same time, we have to take responsibility for our actions and interactions. We become more apart of the problem than the solution when we try to minimize the actual issue. Talking about treatment before the actual cause is discovered will result in more problems.

How can you treat something when you don’t know what you are treating?
How can you negate something when you don’t know how it feels to be on the other side?
How can you feel the pain of another if you remove their humanity?

Compassion or caring is not simply saying, “oh no that is so sad”. Outrage is not shown merely with loud voices full of pain. Actions have to be taken. Moves have to be made. Trails have to be blazed. Justice has to be served.

When we dislike something, we usually say it or show it some type of way. If I am upset with my service in an establishment, I won’t shop there anymore. If I learn that a company supports child labor, I do not intentionally support them anymore. When people are killed, I will not sit and be still. It is time for everyone to DO something! The only way that healing can happen is if we are honest with ourselves and one another and put forth valiant efforts to incite change. We have to do the work.

Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a gift. Everyone has a calling. Everyone has a responsibility. Don’t give up your hope for hate. Don’t let go of progress to grab pessimism. Don’t fall from valor to victim. Let your words be the blueprint to your actions and get busy. Stay active and stay positive. Know that what you do can make a difference.

What do you think?