What Fits You

The fashion industry is one that constantly changes. There are new designers, new styles, new trends, and new concepts. New ideas are formed and plans are created. Designers can be “in” one season and “out” the next. In order to maintain relevancy, designers have to adapt to the changes of the industry or start something new. Nonetheless they have to be willing to take risks.

What risks are you willing to take to live your dreams?

Some say that without risks, there are no rewards. I would agree with that notion. How will we know true love if we don’t put ourselves in situations to receive it? How will we fully appreciate the greatest things in life if we do not allow ourselves to experience certain things?

I’m not saying that we should allow ourselves to be hurt in order to enjoy happiness. What I am saying is that our scope of happiness is directly affected by what we experience, our willingness to risk being hurt. This is true in love, employment, and life in general. We have to understand that we make choices. What fits for you may not fit me.

In life there are no “one size fits all” situations. We have to address and deal with our circumstances on a personal level. We have to understand that experience can be obtained through personal situations as well as the situations of others. We are capable of learning from the lessons that have been taught to others.We can listen to what others did to get them through similar situations but that does not mean that the outcome will be the same for us.

Taking risks does not mean that we do not have concern, it means that we are more interested in the possibility of positive outcomes as a result of our risks. We must remember to do what fits us.

What do you think?