What happened to forever?

There used to be a time when forever never showed up. When the end of time was different from the end of the day. At one point, to tell someone that you would always be there meant just that. What heppened? Did our words forget the context in which they were spoken? Did we decide that the value we placed in those words was now irrelevant? What changed?

When we hear those words, do we accept them with the truth that they convey or do we hold them at arms length? We expect those words to be worth their weight in gold. We hope to have the kind of forever that lasts a lifetime. We desire to have the end of time that is determined by the end of our life rather than a clock. We yearn for the type of always that doesn’t end.

We crave true love that has no conditions. The kind of love that never fails. A love that grows wiser instead of older. We want a love that is seasoned to perfection and flavored with joy. We long for love that carries no expiration date. We want true love. A love that surpases forever and soars on the wings of eternity.

What do you think?