What is a mother to do?

Two people come together and decide to engage. Not only in conversation but in life. As a result, life is created. A man and a woman become more. They are now a mother and a father. Not of 1 but of 3. He leaves to fulfill his desires. His wants overshadow those of the family. She is now more than a mother, she is a single mother.

He is not their father. He has fathered others. He walked away from what he helped create to recreate the plague of the black family. He added to the statistics. He avoided responsibility at all cost. He opened his hands and closed his heart. Greed lives deep within him with no connection to remorse. He only pays to attention to exits as he constantly seeks a way out.

Now there are 6 between 2 and he is in the middle. A donor on one side and a participant on the other. His pockets mean more than his blood. These 3 still need what fathers provide. These 3 still need what was taken away. These 3 still need what they were ordered to receive. These 3 still need.

The mother of his contributions has to create. She has to create ways to keep their love alive. She has to create reasons for their respect to remain high. She has to create ways to explain why he chose to walk away from greatness. His decisions affect them all. His neglect is only felt by few. The support of a child is not merely financial but he refuses to help at all.

What is a mother to do?

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