What lies in the mirror

When we look in the mirror we look for confirmation. We look for validation. We look for justification. What we often avoid is truth. We look to the mirror to tell us something different at times. For example, we look for the mirror to show us the face of a beautiful person when we feel so ugly inside. We look in the mirror to see the happiness that is absent within. We rarely look in the mirror to feel the pain that is evident to others when they look at us. The mirror cannot lie. The mirror can only reflect what is placed in front of it.

In order to deceive the mirror, we have to deceive the person that is in the mirror. No one else knows our thoughts, our moods, or feelings. We know what hurts us and what makes us unhappy. In order to be happy with the reflection in the mirror we have to be happy before we ever get to the mirror. How can we expect to see something in our reflection that we do not actually see in ourselves. How can we look for confirmation when we are not confident? How can we get validation from the reflection of the person we trust the least? How can we seek justification when we are not sold on our decision?

We have to use the mirror to search within ourselves and find the things that hinder us from being who we were created to be. We need to search within ourselves to find what we seek. We cannot rely on the lies of our mind to be revealed as truth in the mirror. We have to put forth an effort to be what we see in the mirror.

What do you think?