Who Are You Driving?

It was a beautiful day. I was sitting in the car waiting for a ride in the middle of Atlanta. My phone notifies me that there is a Uber request nearby. I accept the request and head to the destination. The name on the request is not always the person that is getting into the vehicle. Someone could have made the request for a friend or family member. I have even had riders that were using Uber for work.

I say all of that to say this: You never know who you may pick up when you accept a Uber request. There are all kinds of riders that may get into your car. Every rider has the opportunity to impact your day and vice versa. The goal of Uber drivers is to get each rider to their destination safely.

On this particular day, I picked up a young woman who was a part-time dog sitter. She shared her experiences with me as a sitter and what her clients are like. She seemed to enjoy what she does and it is somewhat connected to her end goal. She wants to be a Veterinarian. On our way to her client’s house, she asked if it would be acceptable for her client to ride with us because she really needed a round trip. I told her that it wouldn’t be a problem.

When we arrive at the house, she goes in and begins to bring out a crate, a bed, food, blankets, and toys. She was so overwhelmed with all that she was bringing that she asked me to hold her client by the leash while she finished bringing items out. I held the leash and this massive dog begins to cry for my rider as she turned to retrieve the last of the items.

Once we loaded everything and everyone we headed back to our initial area to return my rider to her home. She asked if we could make a quick stop on the way so that she could tip me for allowing her client to ride in the car. I politely stopped prior to dropping her off at her location. Although that ride was pleasant her client was very big and shed all over my car. Having the tips from my rider made cleaning the car easier.

I have picked up some people who I wish I did not have to but this trip was a cool one. I enjoyed both passengers and even got a picture with one.

What do you think?