Who are you wearing?

When stars are walking the red carpet the first question that they are asked is “who are you wearing?”. In fashion this question is centered around designers; whose dress or suit, whose shoes, whose jewelry, and so on. Outside of fashion this question would take on a completely different focus. The person on the receiving end would need to take a moment to grasp the concept behind the question.

Think about it…who are you wearing?…

Are you wearing the hat of someone who is poised to cover your head that is overcome with doubt and confusion? Are you wearing the shirt of someone who is healed to hide your broken and confused heart? Are you wearing the gloves of a lover to conceal the hands you use to inflict pain? Are you wearing the pants of someone in control to obscure the fact that your legs have been pulled from under you? Are you wearing the shoes of someone who is creating a path to disguise your aimless adventures? Whose eyes are you using to see your reality? Whose ears are you using to hear your truth?

So again…who are you wearing?…

Many of us get caught up in the appearance of things instead of the facts of the situation. We have to know who we are. We have to know what we want. We have to know what we need. Honesty is essential to true understanding. We have to be honest with ourselves to increase clarity and self-actualization. Are you being yourself or who everyone else wants you to be? Is this the real you or is this your representative? No one wants to be caught not having an answer to the question. For this reason most people prepare in advance.

In preparation, ask yourself…who are you wearing?

What do you think?