Who would you be?

If you would have made different choices, who would you be? I think about this question when I reflect about how far I have come. I understand that my decisions have consequences and that I have to live with those consequences. I also learned that I do not need to take responsibility for things that are out of my control.

I think about who I would be and how I would act if I would have made different decisions. I think about how things would be if I would have moved to California in 2000 instead of staying in Michigan. I think about if I didn’t go back to school after my parents stopped paying for college how life would have been different. I think about saying no to a house with a two car garage and a fenced in yard to move into a 2 bedroom apartment.

These are just a few major decisions that have made major impacts on my life. Who would I be if I handled these situations differently than I did? Would I be the me that I am now? Would my life be easier or harder? So many things go through my mind and I think a lot….

The fact is, no matter how much I think about who I would be, I have to accept who I am now and continue to make the best version of me. Every time that I think about if I made the right decision I play the idea out in my mind and I realize that at that time, I made the best decision.

I have become closer to my vibes and feels. I have become more emotional. I have become more in tune with my surroundings. This question walks me through my life and shows me how strong I truly am. This reflection is just that…a reflection. An opportunity to look at myself the way I show myself to others.

This question helps me to realize that I am who I am because I made informed decisions and learned from poor decisions. I am better and stronger because my reflection shows me the truth. I would not be me if I didn’t ask these questions. I would not be me if I denied the truth.

What do you think?