Yes iPhone, write it.

I remember this line from Donald Glover’s standup routine, “Weirdo”. When I first heard it, I was hysterical with laughter. The context in which he used it was perfect! The joke was referring to how hard it is to type a message, an email, or text without the words being automatically corrected. The line makes so much sense in other areas of communication as well. It is funny to think about how many times we have sent out messages that we wish would have failed before reaching the sender. It makes me giggle to think about how many times I have attempted to stop a message from going through after I have accidentally pressed send. I am also reminded of my frustrations when I attempt to write a particular message and my words are autocorrected.

Communication is one of those things that many of us struggle with in some shape or form. Some of us are better writers than speakers and vice versa. Some of us lack the skill to effectively communicate period. Some of us are repelled by communication and avoid it at all cost. Some of us are open books willing to share whatever information is sought after.

Yes. The show was funny. He is a great comic. The message that I learned from the silly line “Yes iPhone, write it” is deeper than comedy. It reminded me that everyone is different. It reminded me that we do not have to be afraid of who we are. We do not have to be afraid of mistakes. We do not have to depend so heavily on technology to express our thoughts either.

2 thoughts on “Yes iPhone, write it.”

  1. I agree with you.
    Words are everything.
    You will get what ever you speak with out knowing it.
    So watch what you say in my 3rd person voice.
    ( Think before saying it)

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